Planet Granite

To some people, their pool is a hole in their backyard.

To some people, their pool is a part of their country club.

But to me, my family, and the rest of the Planet Granite Pool community, the pool is something extraordinary


My parents have been going to Granite since way before I was born, and with the marathon long waiting list, I thank Jesús Cristo that they did. We’ve made amazing friends and connections at our private little pool, I remember when I was little and I’d wait for each school year to end so I could go back to spending all day at the pool and playing with my summer friends. 

Granite Pool, tucked away off of Forest Hill, has members from Richmond’s artists, musicians, restauranteurs, and other elites, including other hippies and hipsters (with lots of tattoos). What other Richmond pools can brag that their members include(d) newspaper writers, RVA muralist Ed Trask, the VCU history department chair, the owner of Kuba-Kuba and Galley, and so many more cool folk? It’s pretty much like someone took VCU and turned it into a pool, so you can understand my obsession with this place. My family and I have four gajillion friends here I don’t think it would even be fair to start to mention people or else I’d forget some, but I will say that some of the coolest and sweetest people have come from Granite.

And where else can you find a pool that celebrates Reggae Day every August, has legendary cannonball contests on the Fourth of July, and starting this year, a pig roast luau? Or Swim Under the Stars nights for the kids? And with Friday night concerts throughout the summer? (We like to have a good time over here). You can understand why the wait list is so long now.

Baby pool-1995

Baby pool-1995

But even Granite has endured its hardships. Back on January 1, 2006, the Harvey family was murdered, Bryan and Kathy and their two young daughters, Stella and Ruby. They were a bright family, happy and well loved pool goers. It was hard for everyone. And the first time Momma, James, and I went to the pool after the Mayor of Granite, Daddy, passed away, we were greeted by a photo collage and memorial sign on the entrance. This community is bound together, and is some of the best support in the city.

Wednesdays float days are my favorite, and the pool even has an electric pump so you don’t have to stand around and blow up everything yourself. The best time to get there is weekdays before swim team starts. There are trees around so you can catch some shade, and we have the coolest lifeguards.

Thank you, Planet Granite, for nurturing me throughout my life, and giving me great memories of dive team, kid’s swim, water taxi, the deep end,  Fourth of July, Reggae Day, snack bar candy during adult swim, Sundays with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and lazy days with a good book and SPF 30.

Better make that SPF 50. Freakin’ Irish heritage.

I’m proud to call myself a member of Richmond’s best, eclectic pool. So I hope you can understand when I say I can’t hangout because I’m at Granite.

All we really need is a pool corgi

All we really need is a pool corgi


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