(#)Summer Blogger Challenge 2

So for Week 2 of the Summer Blogger Challenge, the prompt is to write about your summer essentials or what’s in your summer bag.

Uhm I’ve got a problem over here….or two or three.

So I don’t really have summer essentials. I have all weather essentials, you know, phone, wallet, car keys, package of gum, bottle of water, and a bag of chocolate. Plus this summer I don’t have a “summer bag”. I have bagsZZZs: My purse for when I go to Carytown and fun places, my mini backpack for going to work and places that need more stuff that a purse can hold, my pool bag filled with library books I may or may not read and a bunch of forgotten granola bars, and my yoga bag which is really a tote bag that I stuck a yoga mat in. And there’s so much random stuff always in my car it might as well be another bag.

If I had a summer bag filled with summer essentials, it would probably go along the lines of this:

  1. There’d be my Heifer Project hat that one of my sweet customers gave me. ‘Cause sometimes you do fall asleep at the pool and a hat would be nice to make sure your face didn’t burn off. And why not advertise your favorite charity while you’re at it?
  2. Keys to a coral, convertible Volkswagen beetle to drive to and from Target, the pool, Charlottesville and other places on my summer list. (And yes, all my bumper stickers would transfer over)
  3. An endless mix CD of quintessential summer time music that includes but is not limited to: SublimeIration, The Summer Set, Bob Marley and the Wailers and The Dirty Heads,
  4. A never-ending package of Orbit peach gum. I bought a couple packs of these three years ago and never saw them since, which was such a shame since they were pretty freaking amazing
  5. Every day, there would be a fresh cup of iced chai tea to get my daily fix. Because chai is life and life is chai
  6. A pair of tickets to the Foo Fighters tickets from the Bring Foo Fighters to RVA movement. I may or may not be slightly extremely bitter about not getting tickets to this concert….Read about it here
  7. Magic sun lotion that lets you get that perfect, elusive amount of sunshine that’s healthy but not damaging. You get the right amount of color and vitamin D without any burns!
  8. Esquire magazine that rotates out all of the articles once I’m done with it.
  9. One of Target’s cute bathing suits…but not just any bathing suit. The second I put it on, I’m outta Richmond and in Jamaica with my friends, swimming in the crystal clear water, tanning  on the perfect beaches, and enjoying jerk chicken and fresh fruit in the fresh air.

 Maybe my summer can’t be filled with Jamaica sunsets, Foo Fighters concerts, and coral punch buggy cars, but a girl can dream, right? Isn’t that what summer’s about? Freeing yourself from responsibilities like school and doing what you want, whenever you want (at least to an extent)? Taking it easy and taking it all in, your friends, your family, and yourself, as you have a good time in the sunshine daydreams. 

Ugh, sorry guys, someone updated WordPress without telling me, and now I’m lost, scared, and pretty confused like a stray cat. I’m struggle trying to figure out how to add pictures and gifs, so bear with me here, and eventually I’ll update everything. Hang tight and stay groovy until then!

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