(#) Summer Blogger Challenge 3

This week’s prompt: Share a recipe! Well this is easy. I bake more than I tan (well I do a lot of things more than I tan, since my Irish heritage is pretty much against that), so I’ve got a plethora of recipes under my sleeveless tank top (See what I did there?! It’s summer, so I’m wear shirts without sleeves…..sorry). 

With my love of baking, I’ve saved hundreds of recipes on Foodgawker (the pinterest of food and food only), and tested out quite a few. But there’s one girl’s blog that is my fall back. Her cookies are always soft, her muffins are bursting with flavor, and cheesecakes are to die for. Her recipes range from healthier options to sugar and oreo overloads, and she has a soft spot for peanut butter (You wanna be her best friend too, right?). I never buy books-but I bought her cookbook in the spring and have used it countless times now. She’s won $5K from Nestle, has been on talk shows and radios, and her cookies aided me that time I tried to date engineers. You’d be doing yourself a favor by going to Sally’s Baking Addiction

Last week I made her flourless, peanut butter brownie cookies for one of my co-worker’s birthday. Everyone loved them, they were gone in minutes. Recipe here!

100_1707 100_1708 100_1709


I exchanged peanut butter chips for Reese’s pieces, which I think make the cookies kinda fun looking and taste awesome. The whole recipe was only seven ingredients and took seven minutes to mix together. Can it can get better than that? Yes, a cold glass of milk.  

Want to try some of her other recipes? My favorites include the potato toffee chip cookie, her skinny tropical muffins– which is like waking up at the beach with a glass of OJ, lemon blueberry cheesecake bars, her multi-purpose gingersnaps, and her sweet rolls.   

Okay guys, I let my baking secret out-be careful with this new power. Her food is beyond spectacular, but I gotta warn you: Just because a guy likes your cookies (and you) does not mean that he is going to ask you out. Trust me. 


3 thoughts on “(#) Summer Blogger Challenge 3

  1. Ooooh these look really good! I’ve always been the “box kit” baker, and even then I fail half the time, but I’ve always wanted to give real baking a go!

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