(#) Summer Blogger Challenge 5

Yas. Yas. Yas. 

Finally. In my deep excitement in this week’s summer blogger challenge prompt, I have forgotten how to pronounce my e’s as I cheer for this week’s prompt, something that connects to my life well enough that I don’t have to mesh and morph into something that mildly works. I’m so happy I could run to the grocery store and kiss the cute worker that I’m currently in love with!

“Paper or plastic?” 

Gives kiss on the cheek, lays money on the counter, grabs purchases and runs out of the store and heads home to blog

Okay so the thing that’s making me so happy. Only a prompt that combines many strong aspects of my life and asks me to share them with my blogging people could stir such emotions. “What are the best restaurants of your city?” No, but that’s a good idea. “Who’s your history boyfriend?” Sorry but this isn’t the time to talk about Thomas Jefferson. “How much cooler are local and independent businesses than chains?” Oh man I think I’ll spare you from that rant.  How about something that includes my deep passion for my favorite season with the power of one of the best art forms: “What songs are you loving this summer/Summer playlist?”

  • Okay guys I know this song came out like five years ago, but remember, I’m a history major, I live in the past! I recently rediscovered this song a few weeks ago and have kept a Youtube tab of it open on my computer at all times. Iration’s perfect reggae beat and feel, combined with the love song keeps me happily bouncing around, smiling, and pretending that the bag boy loves me back. 
  • Oh, Bad Suns. A lovely hip and indie band that alternative radio station 102.1 The X brought to Strange Matter last month captured my heart with “Cardiac Arrest” (a song about “high voltage” love, not a heart problem). They have great acoustic songs on their channel, and get plus points for being cute, too 😉 If you like that (why wouldn’t you? You’re fun, hip and cool just like them), I suggest their other songs, “Salt” and “We Move Like the Ocean”. 
  • Let’s hit the mainstream with the next choice: “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers, a project by one of the guys from fun. who is not lead singer Nate Reuss. Bleachers shares fun.’s quirky, almost Queen-like sound, and talks about a theme everyone experiences at some point: wanting to get better, because hey, aren’t we all a little not right? This is a must listen to anyone who has ever “trained themselves to give up on the past”. I give this song the Claire seal of approval of blasting in your car while driving. Side effects may include strange looks from the other drivers, though. 
  • OHMIGOD IF YOU IGNORED THE OTHER SONGS LISTEN TO THIS ONE RIGHT NOW YOU’LL BE DANCING AND SINGING LIKE ITS THE 1940’S I’M TELLING YOU THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Thank you il mio amico Sean for introducing me to The Mowgli’s during his hipster music binge. Their beyond upbeat and lively tune keeps me dancing and smiling during the whole song. The good vibes don’t cease with these kids, and since song is named after one of my favorite cities to eventually visit, I give them extra points. 
  • With the same kinda sexiness that lives in Arctic Monkey’s “Do I Wanna Know?”, Big Data’s “Dangerous” keeps you rocking and grooving. Sorry if you’re in the car with me when this comes on, because I’ll shush you and turn the music up. Mi dispiace. 
  • Sara Bareilles was (so far) my only concert of the summer, so it’d be a shame to not talk about her. Since depressing music seems to be her thing and I’m so drawn to “1000 Times” with it’s high emotion and music that pulls you in, it might as well go here. 
  • This came on my Pandora station one day and I immediately fell in love. Maybe it’s my thing for California, reggae, or listening to love songs and pretending that I’m the girl that they’re singing about, but regardless, Pacific Dub has me swooning in infatuation and pretending that I have a California boy singing this to me (Or a VCU boy. Those are cool too). 
  • Welcome to my all time favorite song, the very essence of summer, “Lay Me Down” by the Dirty Heads. A Bonnie and Clyde kinda love story, I can’t help but smile as I sing/try to rap the words. I could and have listened to this one repeat for hours on end, maybe it’s the story or the acoustic guitar in the beginning, but something here grabs me and doesn’t let me go. If you liked this, check out their new hit “My Sweet Summer” or another favorite,“Cabin By the Sea”

Why does Christmas music get a whole section at the record store when summer music, which is 408230940 times better, has none? Let’s make it a genre, and let it love on all year long, with its smiles, late nights, sand, and love stories (okay I know sand can’t be in music; synesthesia, though). Summer music goes really well with cookies and I really want some Red Eye, so bye guys, I’m going to go get their perfect red velvet and espresso cookie or try the new vegan apple walnut one. Maybe I should bring the grocery store boy. Anyway, rock on summer music, rock on. 


“Wait, Claire! You’re missing the Grateful Dead!” You silly, I would never forget the Dead. They’re right here!


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