Let’s Go, Sophomore

So, I’m just sitting here, in my little home in Bon Air, listening to punk-reggae and perusing Facebook when I see an advertisement that says Starbucks is going to be offering those pumpkin spice lattes early this year. Ew no gross why would you do such a thing it’s still summer? And then it hits me: uh hello, Claire, classes start on Thursday so to some people it is fall. 

Wait what I actually have to go to school, with real people? I registered with classes six months ago and now I don’t even remember what I’m taking. Can I just find another cute, chai tea-loving boy in Starbucks and follow him  to his nine am and pray it’s the same one I signed up for? 

With all the students returning for the fall and the new fresh babies for their first taste of college in the area, that means good ole Cary Street Gym is going to be overcrowded with those overly fit guys that intimidate me out of using the free weights, and I’m praying that I won’t have to fight to get a spot in the sunrise yoga class I love so dearly. Oh well, I guess new people means new hot guys showing off their arm muscles and tattoos to stare at as I pretend to work out. 

As if the gym wasn’t bad enough, let’s add a bunch of strange people!

Honestly here, I was feeling pretty neutral about school starting again. My summer consisted of 30 hour work weeks and a summer class so “relaxing” and “taking a break” haven’t really been a thing. But the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I’ll be splitting my thirty hours between work and school. I could use all of my friendliness I’ve been practicing on my customers this summer on classmates, but for some reason talking to repeat customers about their corgi puppies is a lot easier to me than making conversation with the person I sit next to in class every other day for a semester with. 

Don’t remind me, Bradley Cooper

And now with my outta-Richmond friends all moved in, I’m starting to get excited again to see everyone all the time. And with the freshmen, transfers, and people I straight up just don’t know, Welcome Week is the perfect time to use the power of Friendship Cookies. 

A year outta Saint Gertrude, I think I’m slowly starting to feel the transition into normalcy. I think I know how to dress myself (maybe?), I can talk to people (sometimes boys), but I’m still going to be stuck on food parties and eating in class. I’m sorry but food is quite important, in fact more important that both boys and clothes. 

Fall semester. Ah. Sophomore semester. I don’t really feel like a sophomore, but maybe a fish, just kinda swimming along. But swimming in coffee instead of water. The past two semesters have felt like two years, just trying to think about them feels like I’m digging in the deep past. The weird thing about that is I don’t remember doing anything expect for running to and from class and going to work then sitting in bed trying to decide if I should do my readings or not. I know that’s what college is about, but man I’m hoping for some more adventures this semester.

WWJZD?: VCU 2014-2015 motto

 I feel like I should feel more dignified as a sophomore, but overall I feel pretty blasé and in the mood for some Red Eye, which kinda sums up VCU. 

Hello, is anyone here? Did anyone make it to the bottom? Do I make sense anymore to you guys? I’m sorry I might be too tired from all that weird stuff I’ve been doing lately (aka work and being with friends). I think I’m going to go bake some friendship cookies for History Now!’s table at SOVO on Friday. (So you better be there) Ciao amici, I hope that we have one amazing fall semester. 

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