The Old and the New

So I’ve finally attended all of my classes, from yoga to sociology, seen (almost) all of my old friends, and have gawked at the cute, tattooed, hipster boys. I think it’s safe to say that I’m back home at VCU. 

One of my first days back on campus with everyone around, I was on my way to the bookstore when I passed by a couple of cute boys wearing Grateful Dead t-shirts. I stopped them to talk for a couple minutes (really I was just trying to figure out where I could get a stealie top too, but it doesn’t hurt that they were cute), then they gave me a knuckle punch and left me with the words “keep truckin’ on” as we parted, and I yelled at myself for not getting their numbers. Ahh, back to normal life. 

It took me a while to get used to being on campus, around people and meeting them, and being busy, and now that the swing of things have taken over I don’t want to remember my life being any other way. I can tell by the comfortable groove of things that, well, sophomore year is going to be well, just a little bit, totally amazing. 

I’ve got two history classes (which means two chances to find a history husband), upcoming concerts (with boys EEP AH WHAT STILL DONT KNOW HOW TO BOY HELP), one hella awesome basketball season as a Rowdy Ram, and another year of 48 free cups of coffee to help me wake up after sunrise yoga. I’ve got my Hannah and Alison, as well as our other friends, for food dates and city adventures; there’s Brad to cook with, and Sean to teach me how to be social (maybe, I might just end up making goat noises at people though). But I can smell the impending happiness like cookies still baking in the oven. 

So I’m sitting here comparing this year to where I was last year, with the “big” change from Catholic school to The Rest of the World, and I looking for  what’s changed. I’m still baking for boys, living with the family, have the same three friends, and ever so struggling with the challenge of “What in the world is Claire going to wear today?”. But at the same time, the real world kinda knocked me to the side and said, “hey here’s a lot of stuff for you to do, deal with it”, so I pulled out my big girl pants and my not-caring shirt, because after a year’s experience outta Saint Gertrude, I’m feeling more in control of everything. 

Inspired from our readings of Emerson back in high school, I filled up my room with my favorite quotes of his, and some of my other dear writers.  I was reading a Jerry Garcia book when I came upon some GD lyrics that really spoke to me, and I put them up on the window above my bed, “I don’t know what I’m going for, but I’m going to go for it for sure”.  I was reading them again a few days ago, remembering how I had no idea what the words meant then but wanted them up there anyway. I realized that now they mean more, I don’t really know what’s out there, but I’ve got the confidence to go for anything. Some things will be new fun events, like yoga mornings and  Rowdy Ram war paint and games, but I’m definitely going to keep the oldies but goodies: concerts with boys, field trips with History Now!, First Fridays and date nights with friends. I will make this year memorable. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go find a sunshine daydream wearing a Stealie top and maybe go walking in the tall trees (of Monroe Park). 

Got a special blessing from the Pope for this year!

Got a special blessing from the Pope for this year!

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