Happy National Crafting Month!

Fun fact: March is National Crafting Month! (It’s okay, I just found that out today too). I’m quite excited there’s a month for this, and that spring break falls in this month, so my loner plans of sitting at my sewing machine all spring breaks makes me feel a little bit better.

I’ve had a love affair with arts and crafts my whole life. My mom made sure I was surrounded with creativity when I was young, and I attribute the VMFA trips and art classes to my love of art. Even though I’m not an art major, I still like to dabble with arts and crafts to keep a creativity outlet/sanity. I don’t have much time for painting like I used to, so I mostly make clothes and jewelry. So, in honor of National Crafting Month, I thought I would share some that I’ve done with you beautiful, artsy souls.

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Getting crafty up in ‘hur

Hey remember when I said this was going to be part arts and crafts blog? It’s coming true now!!

So my friend Bianca is going to Randolph-Macon in the fall, and I’m going to miss my boo. This girl and I have been taking pictures together since like sophomore year and I’m going to miss extending our album together. For her Send Off to College party last week, I decided to DIY a little present for her. 

ImageI printed, in black and white, some of our photos from senior year and arranged and cut them out on a primed “B”. 

ImageGotta love mode podge, right? I applied a couple of layers on top to seal. You’re supposed to wait 24 hours but it was try enough and no one has that kinda patience. 

ImageWith the leftover pictures, I mode podged them on a card.

ImageHappy graduation Bianca boo! Love you and have tons of fun at Macon!