its james


To the little one

ImageHappy Birthday James!

Fifteen years ago my baby brother was born. The two of us have gone through a ton of ups and downs but we’ve remained good friends through it all. I’m so glad that out of all the crazy teenage boys, I ended up with you for a brother, even if you like to remind me that you are “better than me” on the regular. 

Ahh, the day you were born. Daddy had to drive me to Mumar’s (his mother’s) house with my momma in the car, about to burst. After he had dropped me off that morning, he proceeded to eat pancakes with his parents with his preggo eggo wife still in the car. 

James and I have had a great relationship, especially the past few years. The internet king that he is, we spend years together just looking at videos or reddit. He’s a genius child who’s in the process of building a computer and wants to go to VCU for engineering, and later work for NASA. He’s always in the know about the latest news and politics and won’t eat much other than McNuggets, Papa John’s, and pancakes. 

Even if I have to deal with his silly stuff like the constant reminders of like him being taller than me, I love his witty humor and quirkiness. He’s the craziest little kid I know (What other eighth grader wears his sister’s silver leggings to the junior high dance?)

He’s an upcoming freshman at Thomas Jefferson this fall in their IB program. Neither of us have been to public school before so this will be quite the culture shock. Have fun you weirdy!Image