October 31 and November 1

All Hallow’s Eve. Aka Halloween.  Even if I don’t have the time to enjoy this holiday like I used to, I still love it deep down inside, and for two reasons:

1. The candy. Because you don’t have to be six to enjoy chocolate and sugar.

2. The creativity of the costumes. I’m blessed to have a crafty momma who made our costumes when James and I were little, and now I’m the one pulling together my own creations.


Last year’s costume as a Roy Lichtenstein comic book character. Only my art teacher and a couple other art history nerds understood. Also, my Gertie loves Maegan and Celeste as Cady Heron and Hurricane Sandy<3 (when are you guys coming back in my life anyway?)

This year, I didn’t really have time to think of or create a great costume, so I went as a fairy just to wear my flower halo (and a lot of my clothes work for that- is that saying something about me?) I had to work anyway, which is okay by me because the pharmacy pays $20 to wear your costume, holds a costume contest with a $100 grand prize and has a potluck (omg there are always potlucks going on there is teaching the right profession or should I switch to pre-pharm?)

I always loved St. Edward’s on Halloween as a student because of the candy/ice cream and the teacher’s dressing up. Even now, four or five years removed, I still come home and ask my momma how all the teachers and staff dressed up each day. (My personal favorite is the new middle school history teacher-who dressed up as The Man in the Yellow Hat and his two year old daughter was Curious George!!) Even at Saint Gertrude, the teachers and students dressing up was always my favorite part. I saw pictures on Facebook and missed the Halloween carnival. Music, prizes, little kids, costumes, taking photos, totally not a real day of school, and candy.

I think not having free candy in class everywhere was the worst part of school today. Yeah, it did feel like Halloween with those random people in full on suits walking by you or the kid in my UNIV 112 who came to class in a full suit and unicorn mask. But really, it’s VCU, everyone here dresses weird all the time so half the people you saw walking around were in their normal clothes. I wanted my professors to pass around bags of candy or skull lollipops. (Jordan and I actually spent half the math class complaining about that and the other half refusing to do our worksheet today). Is this what the real world is like, because if so I quit. I’m just so glad tomorrow is payday (!!!) and November 1st because Halloween candy is going on sale and guess who has a store charge account at the pharmacy?!? (And guess who has to work on the first of the month? Pray for me, please)

Omg yes November is coming tomorrow and I’m so excited. November is pretty much the only fall season I like. There are obvious reasons of birth,  but then there’s Thanksgiving, a day of celebrating obesity in America. After that, school is only in session for one week until it’s exam season. Even though it’s colder in November, I’m always finding more discounted Halloween candy and pre-birthday excitement to keep me warm.

ImageTigger and Pooh send their Halloween love


Identity Crisis

I don’t have an identity problem, it might be other people who have the problem. Actually, it’s not really that bothersome so does it constitute as a problem? Would you like to know what all this rambling is about?

I get asked a lot if I’m an art student (no thanks a heap for reminding me let me go cry in the corner about my dead art school dreams). Art is my life, hence the art history minor, but there are so many amazingly talented art students who work at Michael’s because they can’t get real jobs which is awful and I ain’t about that life.  Plus, I barely have time for real school, I don’t want to know how insane my life would be as an VCUarts student. But, I will take your assumption as an art student as a compliment because art students are really cute, quirky people who dress nice. (Art students also tend to be hipsters and a few people called me that in high school. Then I started going to VCU with real hipsters and no one’s called me that since.)

While working one day, one of the pharmacists approached me, “I heard a nasty rumor about you, that you’re a vegan”

“Uhm no, well, there’s nothing wrong with being vegan and no I do eat meat”. A lot of people, especially at the pharmacy, assume I’m vegan/vegetarian. Maybe it coincides with my art student/hipster aura or whatever, or maybe it’s the fact that I order vegetarian dishes a lot when I eat out. I really admire vegans for such a commitment and go you vegetarian, you go~ Making such a life choice is something that I’ll always kinda consider but never have the heart to go fully after. I do love animals a lot, but damn Burger Bach cooks up a great lamb burger (excuse me while I go cry about that delicious, slaughtered, baby lamb). However, you will catch me more frequently ordering a vegetarian dishes because 1. I freaking love vegetables 2. Half of your meal should be vegetables 3. Because of that, all I eat is vegetables and fruit so I’m getting a little worried that I don’t eat enough starches and meat

Also, people think I’m a hippie. AKA Sean. Well he hasn’t said anything to me lately about it. I I just really love hippie culture and the Grateful Dead (did you notice I totally stole my blog title from “Eyes of the World”?) and long skirts with peace signs and that fun stuff. One of my coworkers said that another coworker called me a hippie. I don’t mind but WHO IS THIS COWORKER THAT IS SAYING THESE THINGS ABOUT ME?!?!

Point of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with art students, vegans, hippies, or whatever anyone is calling you.  They are nice people. Be proud of who you, in fact, flaunt it. And if you’re not whatever, don’t let it bother you. Correct someone, laugh it off, whatever your mechanism is. BE WHO YOU ARE AND BE PROUD OF IT. 

Okay this post is getting too inspirational. This is getting weird and I don’t like. I’ll just leave before I turn into every other lame wannabe blog. 

To Infinity and Beyond

I know a lot of kids who are undeclared at college, kids who know their major but not sure what to do with it yet, and those who have their major and job type picked out. Then you have me. 

I am a history major, art history minor, and (fingers crossed) Mediterranean studies minor as well. My junior year, I will apply for the five year teacher’s prep program where I will graduate with my master’s in teaching. I met with my advisor today and she said that I pretty much can do all of that but I can never ever take an elective (what will I ever do without a judo class in my life?) . Plus with some summer classes at John Tyler I could save myself some credits/money and quite possibly–if the stars align just right–I could make my way over to Perugia, Italia for a month to immerse myself in that beautiful language while getting credits. This is VCU, and anything can happen, right? (Wait that’s Ellie Goulding…whatever she’s like an honorary Ram). I can do this. I’ll be taking classes in what I love so that later down the road I can spread this love as a teacher. 

AHH I just can’t even tell you how excited I am to teach. Teaching is only the starting point though, I have many ways I want to branch out after that. One is being the next Mrs. Rives and being the head of the history department at Saint Gertrude. Another is finding my way into Board of Education at some level and let them know how STEM is cool and all but we need more humanities and arts in our society. Those are what actually build a culture, hey, we all can’t be engineers! What happened to those days when philosophy, literature, and liberal arts was seen as prestigious? Now we laugh at people who major in these kinds of things, when they should be admired for following their hearts. Good for you, doing something because you love it!


After that, I can see myself as a librarian. 

The HIPAA in the Room

Get it? Not an elephant nor hippo, a HIPAA. 

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This pretty much means that we, the pharmacy, are going to protect you at all costs. We won’t let the whole store know what meds are getting filled, will properly dispose of old bottles so no one can get your information, etc. The pharmacy required all employees to take an online course and test about HIPAA, and I only wished that they had done this sooner. (I hadn’t even heard of HIPAA until my second week on my job). 

I really care about my customers, I even have my favorites and that brings me to the hippo in the room: Obamacare. As we all probably know, ACA (Affordable Healthcare Act, Obamacare’s real name) is coming out soon. (Thanks VCU for the info in the Stall Street Journal in all the bathrooms-we all need to be informed!) Universal healthcare is going to be a good thing, so many people need help. I feel bad for the customers when they don’t have insurance or their insanely priced medication isn’t covered and the cash price is $250. I don’t want this to be a political blog, but I don’t understand what’s wrong with everyone having health insurance (and if you don’t want it, you don’t have to have it). Some people can’t afford the prescriptions they need without insurance, but the only insurance they can get is Medicaid or Medicare.

You know me, I care for the well being of us all, I just hope one day I won’t have to hand over another ‘script that costs $2k to a customer and they just give it back. Things don’t have to free here, but affordable would be nice. We all can’t be engineers or doctors, able to cough up a couple hundred for medications (Or anything else).

I’ll just end this here, moral of the story is nobody is going to die with universal healthcare and your pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and cashiers like me will keep you safe and sound (once you get your drugs). XOXO

Not with a whimper but a bang: The demise/liberation of a Sweet Frog

(My VCU move in day post is coming soon! Or more like how I sat and watched people move in)

Breaking up is hard to do….with Sweet Frog. 

I loved that job. With every bit of my soul. I would come to work excited. I loved showing up and talking to my coworkers and doing to easy jobs of cutting fruit, wiping down tables, and fixing spoons. We went through UR basketball game madhouses, post-Freeman sporting events, and Saturday couple’s date nights. My first boss was the sweetest Asian woman who took a personal interest me and gave me a gift card to her sushi restaurant.  I loved everything about that place. Especially the customers. 

My customers. 

My dear Jesus Christ I had the best customers. 

Like the adorable Berling family. Each one of them always had the sweetest and most polite disposition when they came in and made sure to say “hello how are you”. You guys are going places with attitudes like that! And the Giovanettis. One cold winter night, their entire family came to Sweet Frog and talked with me for a good fifteen or twenty minutes while we were slow and ever since we’ve had a nice chat during every visit. I just love the old Benedictine families like them. Talking to them always gives me a cozy feeling,  especially when they went to school with my father and his brothers. It reminds me that no matter how big you think Richmond is, at the end of the day we’re a tight-knit city who holds their connections close to our hearts. 

And Mrs. Brickley! My beloved geometry teacher, who, during junior year, discovered that her favorite Sweet Frog was my job and we would easily spend half the classes discussing yogurt flavors and topping combinations. Although I never saw her there while I was working, I looked out for her. 

Celeste and Will! My SGHS boo who worked across the street from me used to come and visit when she got off at the grocery store and bring her co-worker, Will. Marcus, my last manager, would let me sit and talk with them, and he even would butt in Celeste’s and I conversations and he even hired her for the summer. 

Or when Ana and her plain vanilla yogurt, with Alax, Adrienne, and Jacqueline. Seeing you guys would make my night, my Silver and Blue babies. 

And even as a Gertie girl, I got along with the other private school kids. Margaret was easily one of my favorites. She came in every night and got yogurt for her and her mom, just making it before closing time. Marcus’s favorite were the twins, two adorable and extremely well mannered girls who would get their yogurt, no toppings and leave. 

And Mr. Bannon! He and his son were easily some of my top favorites. His face was always smiling and he called me the “gertie girl” and remembered where I was going to college, although we saw each other sparingly, and kept me up to date with all the Benedictine drama. 

Ahhh, my banana people. The couple who would come over and always ask for a banana and split the whole thing. Then they’d chat while Marcus and myself. I even saw Mrs. Banana at the grocery store! 

And Cora and her mother! Cora’s a three or four year old girl who was born with only one hand, but she was always running up to the other customers and make friends while her mom tried to get her to sit and eat her yogurt. I always seemed to bump into them outside of work and every time we’d spend time talking and catching up, becoming good friends. 

There are so many more people not listed that I’m going to miss. (Sorry, I just worked 13 hours and it’s one am). Seeing you all made me want to go to work every night and I loved nothing more than getting close to all of you. It was a difficult choice of what job to leave, but I had to do what’s best for me, and you were all my staying point at the Froggery. I wish every single one of you only the best in life and I hope that the four winds blow you back in my path one day.