Thankful for Thanksgiving

“Where’s my shout-out?!” My cousin, Matt, asked me at our Thanksgiving celebration Friday night about the last blog post, “I was looking out for Burke County, I thought we had something nice going on for a few years now. No, all she talked about was Richmond and VCU. She’s only been there for, what, three months?” Matt said everything with a smile, I know he was just teasing me, but he is right: we do have something good going on, and it deserves to be recognized.

For the past few years, my not so nuclear family goes to North Carolina, the home of the Kays. We spend majority of our break in High Point/Greensboro, sleeping at my uncle Tim’s, and visiting other family members. Everything is nice and easy, it’s a different pace from Richmond, but it’s a nice change. When it comes down to our Thanksgiving celebration, we pack into cars like clowns and go down to my aunt Sarah’s (and uncle Dan’s, and Matt’s) house in Burke County for our feast.


Repost, I know, I just really love this Ron Weasley gif. Mashed potatoes are fun too though (you won’t regret clicking it!). Especially when Tim or Nancy makes them with real potatoes and not those flakes in a box.

(Before we get into that la dee dah emotions, can we look at the fact that Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to food? Not thanks, no body cares about what they have because they all go shopping at five am the next day for more breakable crap. Thanksgiving is 100% about food and food and leftover food.) I love Thanksgiving food. It’s always reminded me of a bigger version of the typical Gary Gerloff meal (roasted chicken and vegetables in white wine sauce with rolls and rice), but with more things for me to eat. I walked into Sarah’s to the aroma of just done turkey, spices, ham, and she was cutting up apples for her blessed cheddar cheese apple bake. Nancy’s arrival brought mashed potatoes, rolls were stuffed in the oven, and after Matt made his impromptu trip to the store, we had stuffing (that Mother forgot-how dare she almost ruin Thanksgiving and leave out more food to eat!) Sarah, my cousin Caroline and I are in a constant competition to see who’s dessert can bring you diabetes the quickest. It’s kinda dangerous when we’re all in one room and have recipe ideas in mind. Guard your sugar levels. (That might be a reason why we all get called by each other’s names. And we are all teachers/teachers-in-training. And love arts and crafts. Basically, we are one soul living in three cities).

Caroline and I have a normal tradition of making place cards for everyone, using her balloon twisting abilities to standard paper cards, but we sadly had to forgo it this year due to lack of time. We were sorry to disappoint (Patrick) but we had an important job of watching Tim cut the turkey and nibble on it, besides, you really can’t let things like that fall into the wrong hands.

Thanksgiving is one of the two or three times a year I get to see my family, so I really value my time with everyone. The table was in a constant buzz over Carolina basketball, where will we put the high chair next year, what is Patrick’s science fair project about and will it harm me in anyway? (No, everyone was okay). I was able to bond with everyone, which was so great. I do appreciate all the time I get to spend with my family and only wish for more.


Hm, I don’t think I have any pie…Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!

I didn’t know you all liked my blogs either. A couple of you asked about how to follow it, which means every time I post you get an email alert. (which sounds awful to me, my inbox is already full of junk I don’t read but hey it’s your life.) So please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, the tour is about to begin. If you go to the right hand corner of the tab, there should be a little gray box that says “Follow”. Click on that, and put in your email address. Bah dah bing, bah dah boom, you on well on your way to constant Claire in your life! And to read old posts, scroll all the way to the bottom, there should be three older posts suggestions above the comment section, a list of the five latest posts beneath that, and all the categories to peruse. Or, type in something in the search box and blogs that mentioned that will appear at your leisure. (I would try something extremely random like Australia or fried chicken.)

Something I noticed on the way back to Tim’s was that despite sharing a border, North Carolina and Virginia are very different. When driving down Virginia highways, it’s pretty much trees and trees until you hit Danville and then it’s a Sheetz. You never get to see much city life. But during our trek home, I past by so many cities, all lit up and happy, I wondered where all of their trees were.

Well, I hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as mine was, if not more, and filled with more food that Schafer.  I hope you are thankful as a free range turkey and are counting your blessing each day. I’m so thankful I have you to talk to. Okay, I’m going to go to the gym now to make my body forget Thanksgiving happened. It’s just going to be like this though (click!):


I hope that hardcore Asian in his suit won’t be there again. Meh, whatever. I know he’s thankful for the gym like Homer’s thankful for donuts. Ciao bello and have a splendid day! xoxo