It’s Gonna be a Good Month

I may or may not be extremely biased here, but November is kinda my favorite month. Okay yeah maybe you caught me, it’s right up there with May-June-July-August-Summer, but technically November is a real month and MJJAS is hybrid created approximately seven seconds ago, so November kinda wins by reality. Now I know a bunch of you are like “oh no it’s all about December and that holiday jazz” or “September and its fall transition and Pumpkin Spice Lattes” (quote/unquote all basic white girls), but here let me give you the play by play:

  • November 1st: el Dia de los Muertos: Stop thinking about sugar skulls for a few minutes and really appreciate this holiday.  Day of the Dead is the Mexican holiday that honors dead family members by bringing food and flowers to their gravesides. It’s easy to get caught up in the roses, sugar skulls, and lollipops on the outside, when this holiday needs to be appreciated for its roots. Celebrated on the Catholic church’s All Saint’s Day, Dia de los Muertos is a holiday to recognize, remember, and appreciate your lost loved ones. Maybe it’s just me, but I think American culture could use a holiday like that.
  • November 1st: Halloween candy sales begin! 
  • November 1st: For the love of all things that are good and holy, No Shave November begins today. Prepare yourself for hipster beards and facial hair. Hipster boys with beards and glasses, beanies on cold days, let’s run to Lift Coffee to grab lattes and discuss Picasso’s use of blue or different kinds of hummus. (Hey ladies, it’s turning into tight weather so if you’re interested in participating in this month-holiday, go for it. *Feminism and stuff* Disclaimer: your boyfriend probably won’t be as excited for you participating as you are for him.)
  • November 3rd: Hello, Nacho-Taco week begins! Going on until November 9th, Nacho-Taco week is another extension of the $5 plate week Style Weekly puts on during the year (Remember Burger Week, Sandwich Week, and Chicken Wing Week?). So here’s the dealio (follow these rules carefully): Go to any of the restaurants on the list here. The meal(s) on the list are $5 and only those. If you download the passport and get it stamped after dining at three restaurants, you get entered to win a Visa gift card! 
  • November 4th: Election Day. For the love of Jesus Cristo, use your political right to vote. Don’t be lazy, don’t not care, your vote is not insignificant. I know you’re proud to have this opportunity and live in a democracy, so why not use this awesome right? You could be living under totalitarian rule.

    Why don’t politicians ever participate in No Shave November?

  • November 7th: VCU basketball sorta starts with an exhibition game versus California. Get ready for another season of Havoc, Shaka, and pep band The Peppa’s antics (like their new New Zealand war chant) 
  • November 8th: The Dirty Heads are coming to The National. Ah yes, my sweet summer is coming back 
  • November 17th: A certain blogging girl’s birthday (She likes reggae, coffee, and Chop Suey book store. Just sayin’)
  • November 18th: VCU basketball’s home opener against Toledo. Game will be on TV. Be prepared, ’cause IT’S HAVOC YOU FEAR
  • November 20th: VCU v. Maryland Eastern Shore at the Siegel Center. Not the Verizon Wireless whatever they’re trying to call it. This isn’t DC, we have no Verizon Center; VCU students aren’t about to give in to your capitalism. Anyway, we’re all trying to cope with calling the Landmark the “Altria”, one big change at a time is more than enough for Richmonders. 
  • November 27th: Thanksgiving. A holiday dedicated to food. Let me reiterate this: A day where it is socially acceptable to eat yourself into a coma. In fact, this is highly encouraged. 
  • November 28th: Nope. Nope. Christmas season hasn’t started yet. Don’t listen to the TV about Macy’s Black Friday sales. Yeah, those are cancelled this year. Go watch Charlie Brown or knit a scarf.

October 31 and November 1

All Hallow’s Eve. Aka Halloween.  Even if I don’t have the time to enjoy this holiday like I used to, I still love it deep down inside, and for two reasons:

1. The candy. Because you don’t have to be six to enjoy chocolate and sugar.

2. The creativity of the costumes. I’m blessed to have a crafty momma who made our costumes when James and I were little, and now I’m the one pulling together my own creations.


Last year’s costume as a Roy Lichtenstein comic book character. Only my art teacher and a couple other art history nerds understood. Also, my Gertie loves Maegan and Celeste as Cady Heron and Hurricane Sandy<3 (when are you guys coming back in my life anyway?)

This year, I didn’t really have time to think of or create a great costume, so I went as a fairy just to wear my flower halo (and a lot of my clothes work for that- is that saying something about me?) I had to work anyway, which is okay by me because the pharmacy pays $20 to wear your costume, holds a costume contest with a $100 grand prize and has a potluck (omg there are always potlucks going on there is teaching the right profession or should I switch to pre-pharm?)

I always loved St. Edward’s on Halloween as a student because of the candy/ice cream and the teacher’s dressing up. Even now, four or five years removed, I still come home and ask my momma how all the teachers and staff dressed up each day. (My personal favorite is the new middle school history teacher-who dressed up as The Man in the Yellow Hat and his two year old daughter was Curious George!!) Even at Saint Gertrude, the teachers and students dressing up was always my favorite part. I saw pictures on Facebook and missed the Halloween carnival. Music, prizes, little kids, costumes, taking photos, totally not a real day of school, and candy.

I think not having free candy in class everywhere was the worst part of school today. Yeah, it did feel like Halloween with those random people in full on suits walking by you or the kid in my UNIV 112 who came to class in a full suit and unicorn mask. But really, it’s VCU, everyone here dresses weird all the time so half the people you saw walking around were in their normal clothes. I wanted my professors to pass around bags of candy or skull lollipops. (Jordan and I actually spent half the math class complaining about that and the other half refusing to do our worksheet today). Is this what the real world is like, because if so I quit. I’m just so glad tomorrow is payday (!!!) and November 1st because Halloween candy is going on sale and guess who has a store charge account at the pharmacy?!? (And guess who has to work on the first of the month? Pray for me, please)

Omg yes November is coming tomorrow and I’m so excited. November is pretty much the only fall season I like. There are obvious reasons of birth,  but then there’s Thanksgiving, a day of celebrating obesity in America. After that, school is only in session for one week until it’s exam season. Even though it’s colder in November, I’m always finding more discounted Halloween candy and pre-birthday excitement to keep me warm.

ImageTigger and Pooh send their Halloween love