Drivin’ to the Landmark Tonight

Every spring, each class of sixty to seventy girls and are lead in twenty-something practices after and during school by an elected leader. The leader and committees teach the girls songs and motions that talk about their unique high school experience to the tunes of popular songs. One Friday in the middle of March, the classes will compete against each other at the Mosque/Landmark/Altria stage in front of each other, their teachers, families and friends, boys from the brother school, and most importantly, the judges. Each class will hide their year with their two class colors that they chose in their freshman year. That school week was spirit week, each day to dress up in the different colors, and decorate their hall in their colors and theme; Friday was a tag day to dress up according to their theme/colors. This is Saint Gertrude High School’s Song Contest.


My class is know as the class of Silver and Blue. We placed second as sophomores and won as juniors and seniors. Here we are before our junior year performance.

Let’s be honest here, Saint Gertrude is a cult, and Song Contest is Continue reading


Ode to Baking

I can’t pinpoint a certain experience or driving force in my life that made me love baking, I just sorta have loved it forever (AsasmallchildmostoftheprocessedfoodsIatewereladenedwithsugarandmademeaddictedsoSALTSUGARFAT). I didn’t even bake that much when I was young;  I was about ten or eleven and reading directions on muffin box mixes when I started baking.

My love for baking dramatically increased at Saint Gertrude, where baking is the official school wide pastime (other than Song Contest).  Friend’s birthdays, class food parties, and Foreign Language Club meetings made me search up thousands of recipes over the years and I gained a reputation for baking. A couple of times, hungry girls stopped me in the hall to ask if I had some cookies or cake on me, always on the rare days that I didn’t. In the beginning, I just used Hello, Cupcake and What’s New, Cupcake? and focused more on the decorations.


But buying all those candies and decorating becomes expensive, so I later went on to delectable treats where it became taste vs show. Can anyone say my famous white chocolate Oreo cake? Dr Pepper cupcakes and dark chocolate pumpkin cheesecake brownies might cost a little less, but I probably didn’t save a significant amount of time.


I think my bake for boys idea was first hatched in the beginning of senior year. I was working with this beautiful boy that I was extremely intent on dating. So, all-girls school mind, what’s the bright idea to get Robert to date me? Continue reading

Oh, high school

It finally hit me. The giant comet that is green and white Catholic school plaid, distinctive of only Saint Gertrude. And I miss it so much. 

Last night Hannah, Sean, and I realized it was Sponsor’s Ball, and almost went to Benedictine to crash the ball. I perused the pictures on Facebook this morning and remembered how much fun I had last year. Dressing up, meeting your friends to take pictures with them (because dates and boys are stupid), and watching your other friends be presented in a wedding dress and waltz with their cookie who–I mean Sponsoring Officer. Ever since I found out about Sponsor’s and went to the ceremony and ball freshman year, I wanted to be one. I was upset when I wasn’t asked, but majority of my class felt the same so that made it better.






I miss my Lani boo. 


And mah girl Caroline. I’m glad VMI isn’t kicking your ass too badly. 

Sponsor’s was one of those things unique to Saint Gertrude and Benedictine, that I loved so much about it. I really hadn’t thought about Saint Gertrude recently, with college classes/people/boys/and work, but seeing those pictures really got to me (You all looked beautiful!). They really made me remember how much I loved being with my Silver and Blue babies. And all those fun senior year things we did. Song Contest, New York, prom, Figure, I can’t even. Do we really have to wait five years for a reunion? 


Baby come back. 



I miss having someone always picture ready. 



Only at Saint Gertrude is there a constant supply of wedding dresses on hand. Stop judging, public schoolers. 



My little diversity group! 

Okay, that’s enough pictures for one post. Before I go do anything but my homework, I have a little bit of advice for Red&White: senior year is going to be stressful. It’s also going to be fun. Find a balance. Go to all the events, and make sure you take tons of pictures like Maya did. Get a plan of how you’re going to do everything and manage your time. And if you do get overstressed, it’s okay to cry in the senior parking lot. We’ve all done it, and you’ll feel so much better afterwords. And never, ever, forget that your Gertie girls have your back.