Catching Up

‘Sup guys, So at the very bottom of my last post I resolved, in the spirit of New Year’s, to write more posts like Tina Fey’s Bossypants (because she and I both have glasses and brown hair, she’s straight up awesome, and honestly the only lady comedian-book I’ve read). The real reason is because Bossypants is all about her real life and once upon a time this blog was about my life that real people enjoyed but then it turned into, a self-help blog or something lame like that. So let’s talk about anything but self-help………….

……………..I started my fourth semester of being a ramlet! Now the fun things are going. I’m finally in my major and doing fun things, like taking cool history classes not “Here’s everything that happened in America since 1865 quick learn it in 14 weeks or fail”. I’ve got one professor who mentioned Ellwood Thompson three times in one class and spent ten minutes talking about my favorite painting. I’m getting ready to turn in some adoption papers, which is totally fine, my mom has been trying to sell me for a few years now anyway.

Edouard Manet’s Olympia, 1863. Take this French prostitute in. Love her. Aspire to be her. Just don’t try to call her up, since she’s not really a prostitute, just Manet’s friend modeling as one.

The Big Lebowski is teaching another one of my classes. I mean it’s totally fine, I walked into class on the first day expecting to learn about post-Civil War Richmond and now I sit and wonder if the professor prefers to go by “The Dude”, goes bowling and pays for his milk in checks and, if I give him a rug to tie his room together, if I will get an ‘A’ in return? (Here’s a little clip of some “Best of” the Big Lebowski so you can have a little taste of what class is like. Don’t worry about not getting the plot, I’ve seen the movie and don’t fully understand it either)

Alright, alright, what else has been going on in my life? I won $2 from the 70’s scratch off ticket but then lost all my winnings when they PowerBall ticket I bought with the said $2 failed me. I have a new favorite venue, after Hannah and I took an adventure to see Sleepwalkers. The Broadberry is awesome and cheap ($7 show? Hell yeah!) for anyone interested in awesome and cheap shows. Also, Sleepwalkers are pretty groovy, I ended buying this local band’s album, which definitely deserved its placement on the best of Richmond’s local music scene 2014 list by They have a groovy, 60’s British psychedelia-Yellow Submarine Beatle’s feel to them. Which, is inarguably one of the best feelings the history of music has to offer.

Ignore the fact that it’s called “Cocaine”. It’s still got a good sound.

Every ladies’ night with Hannah and Alison is always the best (insert awes here), but our latest was probably one of the best yet. Seriously, our night started off with Shyndigz, the late night dessertie on Cary, then twenty minutes of menu indecision over the classic “Cake or pie for dinner?” debate (The answer is you actually can’t go wrong because everything at Shyndigz is made of sugar, rainbows, happiness and fairy wings so order whatever sounds best to you. Or take a tip from us and get the key lime pie, peanut butter pie, or salted caramel chocolate cake. It’s your call).

Real women do too!

We then went to go see Gone Girl at the Byrd, which was already promising because hello two hours of Ben Affleck, but the plot!: his wife disappears and Ben Affleck’s character is a suspect and then Neil Patrick Harris appears and he’s crazy and it gets thicker as the movie goes on. Guys (girls?) it’s a $2 movie ticket to see Ben Affleck for two hours AND it’s an insanely amazing movie, why are you still reading this and not at the Byrd now?

Look there he is! Behind the lady with the crazy eyes! (PSsst, Hannah, the poster is in French!)

I got new glasses after seven years with my previous pair (It just wasn’t working anymore. We were going in different directions.)

My old music obsession has been going pretty strong since my brother and I have been playing records on our uncle’s old record player (Thanks again Tim!) lately. James will play you Jefferson Starship or Bob Dylan, while the sounds of Joni Mitchell and Little Feat fill the house when I’m messing around. Aw, this has been so much fun catching up with again! I can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you! We should really do this more often! What, did you say something about chocolate cupcakes and the Big Lebowski this weekend? It’s like you’re reading my mind, why of course I would love to!

That may or may not be a poster of Olympia on the right....

That may or may not be a poster of Olympia on the right….but hey look I got new glasses! #astigmastimisforwinners

Also, I’d like to extend a personal happy birthday to the pearl herself, member of the 27 club, Woodstock icon and hippie idol to all, Janis Joplin. You’re role model (minus the heroin and alcohol abuse and overdose part) for following your heart and not giving a crap about what anyone thinks. I’ll try to keep some of the quirky you in me.



Ciao, Primavera!

Psst, you guys.

I know it’s dark and damp outside.

But the sun isn’t setting until at least 7:00 now.

And it wakes you up in the morning too.

You guys.

Spring is officially here!


Don’t mind the fact that the dogwood trees are covered in morning frost, or that schools were still delaying due to inclement weather at the end of March.  Put your thick winter jacket just one more time on over your cute spring dress and tights, soon enough it’s going to the back of your closet to hide and collect dust like it belongs. Flowers are blooming and trees are turning green again. It’s about that time of year where we trade in morning frost for morning dew, thick knits for loose linens, hot lattes for iced teas.  Continue reading

Cabin Fever

With a high of 74 yesterday and lots of sunshine, it was like a sign that spring is upon and snow would soon be a thing of the past. I soaked up the gorgeous weather in the passenger seat of my momma’s car on the way home from Greensboro, going over astronomy notes and praying I could put my sweaters away for good. At six am this morning, I woke up to very loud and obnoxious sleet and a VCU alert that school would be closed.


The snow day was great, I needed the time to get caught up and study (gotta love midterm week), but snow days unfortunately mean snow. The harmless flakes look pretty for a couple minutes, until you realize those few minutes have actually been seven hours and now you’re stuck at home and forgot to park at the bottom of the driveway so tomorrow morning’s 11:00 is going to suck. Buford Road closed early so work was cancelled, and I was sincerely confused with what to do with my free time (I need to be honest with you guys, I didn’t do any studying. I spent my morning watching Modern Family, listening to the best Sara Bareilles song ever and painting my nails). Continue reading

Sunshine Daydreams

I think we can all agree that January was just god-awful. With constant snow, cold weather, sicknesses everywhere, and deaths, we can collectively agree it needed to go, before it bleeds into February any further. And it wasn’t just me, these plagues were following a lot people. So I thought we all need a break of this doom and gloom (and I wanted another reason to make a list) Continue reading

Big News!

Hello there dear darlings, this is your resident blogger speaking.

I would like to first give thanks again to everyone for their support and kind words and gestures since my grandfather’s death, you don’t know how much I appreciate all of it. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such sweet people. With that going on along with more snow in Richmond that VCU refuses to cancel for (we at least got a delayed opening on Wednesday until 10:00. Guess who’s classes start at 11:00?), and all the studying and work for the classes, I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys my amazing news: I have been selected as a member of the Her Campus Blogging Network!

Continue reading