To Infinity and Beyond

I know a lot of kids who are undeclared at college, kids who know their major but not sure what to do with it yet, and those who have their major and job type picked out. Then you have me. 

I am a history major, art history minor, and (fingers crossed) Mediterranean studies minor as well. My junior year, I will apply for the five year teacher’s prep program where I will graduate with my master’s in teaching. I met with my advisor today and she said that I pretty much can do all of that but I can never ever take an elective (what will I ever do without a judo class in my life?) . Plus with some summer classes at John Tyler I could save myself some credits/money and quite possibly–if the stars align just right–I could make my way over to Perugia, Italia for a month to immerse myself in that beautiful language while getting credits. This is VCU, and anything can happen, right? (Wait that’s Ellie Goulding…whatever she’s like an honorary Ram). I can do this. I’ll be taking classes in what I love so that later down the road I can spread this love as a teacher. 

AHH I just can’t even tell you how excited I am to teach. Teaching is only the starting point though, I have many ways I want to branch out after that. One is being the next Mrs. Rives and being the head of the history department at Saint Gertrude. Another is finding my way into Board of Education at some level and let them know how STEM is cool and all but we need more humanities and arts in our society. Those are what actually build a culture, hey, we all can’t be engineers! What happened to those days when philosophy, literature, and liberal arts was seen as prestigious? Now we laugh at people who major in these kinds of things, when they should be admired for following their hearts. Good for you, doing something because you love it!


After that, I can see myself as a librarian.